My Top App List


Why not post up your own top app list? Take a home/sleep snap of your favs all bundled up in a single app folder (drag fav apps together to create a new grouping). Then, using your favorite blog editor (will depend on your blog provider), or sharing app, grab the snap in a new post, throw on some text like this, and voila! Your own best app picks for the world to see… My favs appear below:

1. Notes
2. Trigger Fist
3. YouTube
4. Sonos
5. SkyDrive
6. Intellicast
7. Photos
8. Pocket Tunes
9. Solar Walk


Why Windows 8 and iPad get along just fine!

I have been running Windows 8 on my old netbook (an HP Mini-Note 2133), and for basic web browsing and email, it works quite well. It boots and runs markedly faster than Windows 7, though there has been the odd issue (Camera app crashes before the webcam comes up, etc.). Definitely not a perfect fit, but compelling enough to cause me to load up the consumer preview in a dual-boot configuration and use it almost exclusively for about 3 months now. The new version of Windows is the best yet, in my opinion, and I will be looking forward to adopting the release as soon as it’s available! What is really remarkable though, is how many useful ways I have found to optimize some of the Windows 8 features on the old nbook using my iOS devices…

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iPad Posting Test

Finally making it to the 21st century and trying to post up to my blogs directly from iPad. This is a simple test to see if I made it (to the 21st century that is)…

What I like about Windows Starter!

I have been a Windows user for a long time. I have also been a big fan of Linux during that time, particularly Ubuntu. I have the latest version installed on a PC (now only in a virtual box), but the glitches have finally gotten the most of my patience on my netbook (dual-boot with XP)..

I cleaned it completely off the old netbook, as it kept core dumping, and instead decided to try Windows 7 Starter edition. I now wish I had done this at the very start. I could have saved myself a lot of wasted hours troubleshooting Linux kernel updates. Starter just works, and works well. For all my grousing about M$, I must give them credit when it’s due. It solved my Ubuntu woes… I do miss Ubuntu One, but hey there is a Windows client coming soon (hopefully)!

If you have an older Netbook, and aging XP is becoming too bloated and sluggish, an easy shot in the arm is to switch to Starter (if you can get it). If you use your older NB for basic tasks like email, and web, Starter is a good fit. XP (with all the updates and SPs) is becoming ridiculous to maintain, and will eventually EOL anyway. The newer Linux distros may or may not work either. Starter could be the perfect answer. I’m not saying it’s a match made in heaven. You give up some things to run it.

1. Starter will not let you change the desktop background or use Aero features.
2. Starter does not natively support DVD creation and playback.
3. No snipping tool (that hurts a little).
4. 32-bit only.

There are many more features missing, but for the home user, those are some biggies above. Still, if you bought a NB with an OEM option for Starter but was stuck with XP from the vendor, you might want to consider giving Starter a try. One thing about M$, they try to exploit every niche. Starter fits the older or slower netbook market, but at the price of some significant features.

Hello WordPress Blogging World!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Okay, I will edit then… and might try this out for awhile. My blogger blog is not getting much attention from me of late (so I imported my junk over here). You can check out my blog here if you are interested in iPod/iPhone related stuff…

So far, I like the WYSIWYG editor here a lot…

>Ubuntu Sound and Power Glitches


Well, I am always singing praises about Ubuntu Linux, but recently my netbook started glitching on a few things. One I noticed is that the power manager is erroneously shutting down my netbook when I remove the power plug (thinks the battery is critically low, even though it is full). The battery monitor works fine if I start the netbook without external power. I’ve tried tweaking settings using “sudo gconf-editor” (under apps >> gnome-power-manager), but have not been able to stop the issue. The second problem I have found a workaround for so if you notice that your Linux sound stops working, you might try this (there is a good sound t-shooting tutorial here by the way). Use the following commands shown below and your sound should start again (I added them to a simple bash script). That is, if you have the same exact issue with Lynx. The aplay -l output shown above might be a clue. It does not show anything when sound stops working in my case…

killall pulseaudio
sudo alsa force-reload
pulseaudio -D

Add the first line above only if you want to use it in a bash script like I did (save it using gedit with .sh extension, and make executable). Otherwise simply run the commands one at a time in a terminal window. I dug them up on one of the many Ubuntu user forums I had to google through, and give a hearty thanks to whoever posted them up.

>Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx is…WOW!

I upgraded my portables this past weekend to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I have an old HP tc tablet computer, and a newer netbook. Ubuntu just gets better and better. I plugged in my iPod touch, and not only was it recognised and mounted, I could play all my DRM-free tunes through Rythmbox, transfer pix automatically using F-Spot, and browse the iPod’s filesystem. I did this without jailbreaking anything… Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone would not want to grab this easy-to-use and full featured Linux distro! If nothing else, download and try the WUBI install version… It installs inside Windows, just like any application…